‘Vive Piaf!’ Long live the legend!  See our Trailer here!

Winners Publicsprize in the Concours de la Chanson 2009- Alliançe Française

More than 100 years ago on the 19th of Dec 1915 Edith Giovanna Gassion known as Piaf, was born, it’s about time to meet her in person!

In this musicaltheatre play Nadja Filtzer and musicians take you on a rollercoaster through life and songs of  la Môme Piaf who grew out to be the grand lady of the French Chanson. A musical trip from the Parisian brothels to sold out concerthalls with a highly honoured audience. In music, radio play and theatre-script Nadja switches from Piaf to herself, the singer performing Piaf, looking for the answer to a simple but existential; Why? by confronting the ghosts of Edith’s past. About their shared struggle between great and impossible love-affairs, from married worldchampion boxing Marcel Cerdan to the mariage with the twenty years younger singer Theo Sarapo, career and how to stay true to themselves,. The irresistible zest for life of ‘the Sparrow Girl’ echoes through the performance with songs as there are: La Foule, Padam Padam, Non je ne regrette rien and La Vie en Rose, but also in new English translations and less-known jewels.

Nadja :’ With her music I crawl under her skin, connect to her melancholy and fiery temperament, that i recognize from my Russian-Mexican roots. I feel related to her. By chance we both are small and both of our fathers, we had to miss in our youth, are called Louis

DUTCH PRESS: ‘Nadja, the Piaf of the 21st centuryas if Edith Piaf has risen from the dead!French singing legend revives!’ ‘Truthful and Impeccable,‘Magnificent performance…great class…sang with such lived intensity’,’…a disarming and intriguing play, you make me happy, think and move me.’,’ From the first to the last minute she knew how to captivate the well stocked venue with a lot of emotion and brilliant accompaniment. Wonderfull night out, outstanding singing and top musicians, a musical masterpiece!’

AUDIENCE:Tears came into my eyes! ,.Powerful and tender…a hit!,’’ What a voice and expression you have!’

Musicians Gert Wantenaar or Peter van Os – accordion, Leo Bouwmeester– piano, Harm Wijntjes– bass,

Script by Arnost Kraus. director: Frank Affolter

Voice-overs: René van Asten, Kenan Raven, Maeve van der Steen, Thijs van Aken en Rosmarie Blaauboer. costume- Anke van der Stappen, PR- Mireille Buldeo Rai

We translated the theatretext and some songs to English and played this show at the BRIGHTON FRINGE FESTIVAL May 29 , 30, 31 & June 1 2015 and in San Miguel de Allende- Mexico Aug. 2018

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